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Invest your hard-earned funds via ROBINSONSBANK'S line of interest-earning deposit products. Open a savings, checking or term deposit account of your choice for saving (passbook/ ATM savings account, term deposit) or other transactional purposes (checking account)

Peso Savings Account Peso Checking Account
Tykecoon Kiddie Savings Account Peso Certificate of Time Deposit
Peso Special Savings Account Foreign Currency Savings Account
Foreign Currency Certificate of Time Deposit Account Opening Requirement

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Foreign Exchange
Indicative Rate as of
Apr 23, 2014 • 9:24:07 AM
  USD 44.2500 44.7500
  CNY 6.7800 7.1600
  EUR 60.3200 62.5200
  GBP 73.7200 76.0100
  JPY 0.4000 0.4700
  SGD 34.7500 36.1100
  HKD 5.6500 5.8300
Trust Products
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Indicative Rate as of
Apr 22, 2014 • 6:54:19 PM
Blue Fund 0.000000
Green Fund 0.000000
Balanced Fund 135.209334
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