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Who is eligible to enroll?

All individual clients who have an existing ATM Card or Cardless Banking number are automatically eligible to enroll in Rweb (RobinsonsBank - Personal Internet Banking).

Eligible Accounts for enrollment:

  1. PHP current / savings account
  2. PHP time deposit account
  3. PHP loan account
  4. USD savings account
  5. USD time deposit account

 How do I get a Cardless Banking number?

  Fill out a Channel Enrollment form from the branch and the branch personnel will issue a Cardless Banking number.
Note:   For clients who only have either a time deposit or loan account, branch personnel will likewise issue them a Cardless Banking number.

Account Inquiry

  View your current and available balance as well as your other transactions for the past 3 months.
  For current account holders, you can view your issued checks online without waiting for your monthly Statement of Account.

Bills Payment

  Pay your bills to different merchants using your PHP accounts.
  Payments to merchants can also be scheduled on a future date or preset schedule (monthly, weekly or daily).
  You may pay the following merchants through Rweb

Credit Card

Allied Bank/PNB Credit

Bankard MC/Visa/JCB

BDO Credit Card

Chinatrust Visa Card

Citibank Visa/MC

East West Card

HSBC Cards

Metrobank/PSBank Card

SB Cards Diners/MC

SBC Cash Card

Standard Chartered Visa/MC

Union Bank Visa Credit

Life Insurance

Fortune Care

Fortune Life


Great Life Financial

PNB Life Insurance, Inc.

Paramount Life

Philam Asset Management

Pioneer Life, Inc.

Prudential Plans, Inc.

Prulife U.K. Insurance


Alabang Country Club, Inc

British Embassy


Cebu Pacific

Cosmopolitan Communities

Directories Phils Corp.

FEBC Philippines

I.O.S. Marketing Corp

IPM Realty

Manila Memorial Park

PAFP/Family Physicians

Rockwell Residential

e-Prime Business Solutions

Utilities/Toll Fees

E-Pass Skyway

Easy Trip

First Peak

Manila Water Co., Inc




Subic Water

Visayan Electric Co., Inc.

Cable Companies

Planet CATV

Skycable / Zpdee


Loan Payments

Chinatrust Salary Stretch

Citibank Savings Loan

Citifinancial Corporation

Citystate Savings Loan

FG Financial Co., Inc

HSBC Personal Loan

PSBank Loans

Standard Chartered EZ Loan

Government Services

NSO Helpline Plus




Eastern Telecoms

Globe Telecoms




Charitable Institutions

Bantay Bata

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Knowledge Channel

Operations Smile

Piso Para sa Pasig

Resources for the Blind

World Vision



Miriam College

University of San Jose – Recoletos


Fund Transfer

  You can transfer funds between your own enrolled accounts or from your enrolled accounts to enrolled third- party RobinsonsBank accounts.
  You can transfer funds from your PHP to PHP account, or from your USD to USD account. Likewise, you can convert proceeds from your USD account to your enrolled PHP accounts.
  You can do a scheduled fund transfer on a future date, or a recurring transfer either monthly, weekly, or daily.
  1. The latest currency rate posted shall be used to convert USD to PHP transactions.
  2. USD to PHP transaction is strictly not allowed for third party fund transfer transactions.

Checkbook Reorder

  Re-order your checkbooks online.
  Maximum number of checkbooks that can be ordered online is three(3).
  System shall automatically deduct the cost of the checkbook from the enrolled current account.
  You will automatically be informed once the checkbook is ready for pickup through e-mail or a call from the branch.

Loan Application

  To apply for a loan, you can initiate a request for our Customer Care Center to make a return call.

Loan Payment

  Pay your loan amortization online.
  Payment shall automatically be applied on the next banking day.

Local / International Wire Transfer

  Initiate a local/international wire transfer instruction by filling up information as indicated in the website.
  System shall automatically debit the amount from the enrolled USD account including the charges stated.

Additional Account Enrollment

  Once you have completed enrollment of your chosen account, you have the option to view your other accounts as well, for the purpose of enrolling said accounts in RWeb.
  Joint “And” accounts are not eligible for enrollment.

Third Party Account Enrollment

  You can enroll any third-party Robinsons Bank account for the purpose of transferring funds.

Offline Account Opening

  Initiate a request to open an account.
  Branch of account shall receive an email instruction to open the requested account and debit the nominated account.

Lost Card Reporting

  Initiate tagging of your ATM Card as “lost” without calling the bank. You just have to go to the Report Lost Card menu and enter your ATM PIN, the system will automatically tag the ATM Card as lost.
  Submit an affidavit of loss to the branch and apply for a replacement ATM Card.

Other Features
Amend My Profile

  Client can use this facility to change the profile information entered during enrollment.

Amend Challenge Question

  Client can use this facility to change the challenge question entered during enrollment.

Change Own Password

  Client can use this facility to change their password entered during enrollment.

View/Edit/Delete Favorites

  Client can use this facility to change or delete the favorites for bills payments.

Change Theme

  Client can use this facility to change the default theme.


Consumer Awareness Program

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  CNY 6.97 7.68
  EUR 50.87 54.55
  GBP 60.97 64.76
  JPY 0.429 0.4612
  SGD 34.68 36.3
  HKD 6.28 6.58
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