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ROBINSONS CashCard is a pin-based prepaid multi-purpose electronic value card that can be used as a debit card for banking and other financial transactions. Without the need to open a deposit account, you can enjoy the convenience of an ATM card - withdraw money and cashless shopping.   The CashCard may be issued to corporate and individual clients.

What are the documentary requirements in applying for a ROBINSONS CashCard?

The applicant must fill up a CashCard enrollment formt.
The applicant must present one (1) valid ID. 

How do you activate a ROBINSONS CashCard ?

The ROBINSONS BANK CashCard is activated in either of two (2) ways: (1) on the first ATM transaction; (2) upon initial loading.  The manner of activation will depend on the purpose of the CashCard purchased.

What are the maximum limits (monthly total load) for each card?

 ·        Classic (P100,000.00)

·         International Elite Premium (P250,000.00)

·         Domestic Elite Premium (P250,000.00)

·         International Elite Gold – P500,000.00

·         Domestic Elite Gold- P500,000.00

 Are there charges for using ROBINSONS CashCard?

·         Payment for New or Replacement CashCard - P 100.00 
·        Reload - depending on which channel 
·         Withdrawal via ROBINSONS ATMs - none 
·         Withdrawal via other bank’s ATMs –may vary depending on the acquiring bank
·         POS Purchase - none 

What are the grounds for termination of CashCard service?

The CashCard service may be terminated or suspended if rendered inactive, mishandled or used for any illegal acts.  Termination may be done without prior notice to Cardholder.

What happens if the CashCard is not used for more than a year?

A CashCard will be considered inactive within a year from last activity.  A minimum fee of P100.00 per month will be imposed from the start of the inactivity.  When CashCard balance reaches P0.00, it will automatically be cancelled.

What transactions can be performed using the ROBINSONS CashCard?

ROBINSONS CashCard can be used to do any of the following transactions: (i) balance inquiry; (ii) withdrawals via ATM; (iii) funds transfer, (iv) purchase items/goods at accredited merchants; (v) load/reload values; (vi) pay bills; (vii) change CashCard pin and; (viii) such other manner as may be allowed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

What are the responsibilities of a CashCardholder?

The Cardholder is responsible for the use and safety of the CashCard.  Whether or not processed with Cardholder’s knowledge or authority, the Cardholder assumes full responsibility on all transactions processed using his/her CashCard.

How are lost/damaged/defective cards handled?

Lost cards should be immediately reported via our Customer Care Center 637-2273 (CARE). Request for REPLACEMENT OF LOST/STOLEN CASHCARD must supported by an affidavit of loss and cardholder’s valid IDs.  Damaged CashCard must be surrendered in exchange for the replacement CashCard.  Upon compliance with the requirements and the payment of card replacement fee, a new CashCard will be issued to the Cardholder.  Any outstanding balance of the CashCard shall be transferred to the new CashCard number. 

Does the CashCard balance earn interest and is it insured by PDIC?

The CashCard does not earn any deposit interest hence is not considered a deposit account. The CashCard may only be redeemed at face value. The Card Card is not insured with PDIC.

What number/s do clients call for inquiries or complaints?

They may get in touch with our Customer Care Center at 637-2273 (CARE).


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