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Enjoy the BEST TD rate

With Robinsons Bank's special Time Deposit rate, get 5.5% interest per annum, net of withholding tax, with monthly interest payout. Special rate is being offered until February 28, 2019 only.

Open your Time Deposit Account today!

• Minimum Term: 5 years + 1 day
• Minimum Deposit Amount: P100,000
• Not subject to 20% witholding tax to qualified investors
   * Corporate Account subject to 20% witholding tax

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Care Center via email or landline.

Landline: (02) 637-CARE(2273) (Available during weekdays 8AM - 8PM, Saturdays 8AM - 5PM & Sundays 8AM - 12PM)