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Fight Card Fraud NOW!

1. Do not give out or confirm your personal or financial information on any phone call, SMS, or email that you didn't initiate. 

2. Never share your PIN, OTP, or your online username and password. Always remember that Rbank will not ask for these information for any reason. 

3. Be wary of the sender/caller's ID, scammers can now impersonate emails/numbers to make it look like you're talking or texting with someone you know, when in reality it's a criminal on the other line waiting to take advantage of you. 

If you think you have disclosed your account or personal information to an unknown individual, you must act immediately. Call our Customer Care Center (C3) Hotline at (02) 637-2273 or 1-800-10-637-2273 (Domestic Toll-Free). You can also email us at Be Aware. Be Alert. Be Attentive. Fight card fraud NOW!