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Paygate Facility FAQs


1.    What is the PayGate facility?

The PayGate facility offered by PCHC allows Robinsons Bank’s individual account holders to pay various merchants or government institutions of participating banks online using their RBank accounts.

2.    Who can use the PayGate facility?

To use the PayGate facility, you must be enrolled to RBank’s Personal Online Banking. Click here to enroll if you haven’t yet.

3.    Which government institutions/merchants can I pay using this facility?

You may initially pay for your taxes to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) through Landbank’s Linkbiz Portal. Other government institutions and merchants will be enabled and announced soon.

4.    What types of BIR Tax can I pay for?

Please see below for the list of Tax Types that can be paid for through Landbank’s Linkbiz Portal.

5.    How do I pay?

a.      Go to Landbank’s LinkBiz Portal website and Click the PAY NOW button.
b.      Type the merchant name in the text box (i.e. BUREAU OF INTERNAL REVENUE) and click on
c.       Select the transaction type to be paid. For BIR transactions, select TAX PAYMENT and click on
d.      Enter the required information and select “Other Bank via PayGate” in the Payment Mode field and
click on CONTINUE.
e.      Review your transaction details displayed in the PayGate page. Select the “Login to Online
Banking” option to proceed.
f.       Select “ROBINSONS BANK” from the list of available banks and click on CONTINUE.
g.      Enter your User ID and Password for your Personal Online Banking account. A One Time PIN shall
be sent to your registered mobile number to proceed.
h.      Select the Account you wish to use for payment. Another One Time PIN shall be sent to confirm
the transaction.
i.       An SMS notification will be sent by Robinsons Bank to confirm your transaction while an email
notification will be sent by Landbank that shall serve as your receipt.

6.    When can I make my payments?

You can pay anytime! It is available 24/7, except when there is a scheduled system down time due to maintenance for either Landbank’s LinkBiz Portal or Robinsons Bank’s Online Banking.

7.    Is there a fee in using this facility?

A convenience fee is usually charged which may vary depending on the merchant or government institution being paid. The fee will be debited from your selected account on top of the amount to be paid. For BIR transactions, no fees will be charged.

8.    How will I know if my transaction is successful?

You will receive an email notification from Landbank to confirm that your payment has been received and processed. This shall serve as your e-receipt.

9.    When will my payment be credited to the merchant/government institution?

The receiving merchant/government institution will acknowledge your payment on the date and time when the transaction is completed. This is the date indicated in your e-receipt.

10. What will I do if my account has been debited but I encountered an error during the transaction?

If an error is encountered after your account has been debited, depending on the error result, the amount will be included in the reconciliation process and may be credited back to your account by the next banking day. For further assistance, you may contact our Customer Care Center hotline at (+632) 637-2273 or email at