Robinsons Bank Visa Debit Rebate Promo

Target Audience

Robinsons Bank Visa Debit Cardholders

Promo Offer

  1. The promo is open to all Robinsons Bank Visa Debit Cardholders of good standing*.
  2. Promo period is from March 30 to April 30, 2020.
  3. Cardholders will get a 20% rebate on online purchases from specific merchant categories for a minimum spend of P2,000.
  4. Merchant categories included in the promo are:
5399Misc. Gen. Mdse stores
5411Grocery Stores/Supermarket
5814Fast Food Restaurants
5499Specialty Food Stores
  1. The maximum rebate that a cardholder may earn is P1,000 for the duration of the promo.
  2. Rebate shall be credited within 30 days after the promo period
  3. Cash rebates awarded are non-transferable and non-convertible to cash. However, it is treated as a credit payment for outstanding balances.
  4. Robinsons Bank reserves the right to reverse the Cash Rebate in the event that the qualifying transactions were cancelled, reversed or fraudulent.
  5. The promo cannot be exchanged for other items or discount privileges in the purchase of goods and services which are on promotional discount, the senior citizen can avail of the promotional discount or the discount provided under the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010, whichever is higher.
  6. Terms and Conditions Governing the issuance and Use of Robinsons Bank Visa Dedit Card shall apply.

*Cardholders in good standing are those with Robinsons Bank cards which are not reported lost, stolen, and those who have not violated any of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of Robinsons Bank Cards.

DTI Permit

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB – 05668 Series of 2020