Toys & Home Yuletide Sale

Partner Merchant

True Value & Toys R Us

Target Audience

Robinsons Bank Credit Cardholders

Promotion Period: December 2 to 18, 2019

Promo Mechanics

  1. Promotion open to Robinsons Bank credit cardholders of good credit standing.
  2. Sale event will be on December 2- 18, 2019 at Tiendesitas Mall, Pasig City.
  3. Cardholders can enjoy up to 70% off on selected items from True Value and Toys R Us.
  4. Robinsons Bank cardholders will get a FREE Manna Tumbler for a minimum single-receipt purchase of Php 10,000 using their Robinsons Bank Cards.

DTI Permit : DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-20196 Series of 2019

0% Installment Terms and Conditions

  1. The 0% installment can be availed by Robinsons Bank credit cardholders of good credit standing.
  2. Qualified cardholders can avail of the 0% installment for a minimum spend of P3,000 or higher depending on the partner establishment’s conditions.
  3. Partner establishment has the sole discretion on the term and items available for 0% installment.
  4. The 0% installment is subject to bank approval and applicable if monthly installment amount is paid in full. Each monthly installment amount forms part of the Total Amount Due on cardholder’s Statement of Account for the month.
  5. The entire installment transaction amount shall be deducted from the available credit limit.
  6. If the cardholder requested for cancellation or pre-termination (payment acceleration) of the 0% installment transaction, the Bank reserves the right to charge the cardholder an Installment Termination Service Fee of 5% of the remaining principal balance. The remaining principal balance shall be billed in full in the next Statement of Account together with the Installment Termination Service Fee.
  7. In cases of suspension or cancellation of the Robinsons Bank Credit Card, due to breach in the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of Robinsons Bank Credit Card, the Bank shall render the outstanding balance of all 0% installment transactions due and demandable without the need of informing the cardholder.