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Rbank Creates Value 3 Year CSR Roadmap

Robinsons Bank (RBank) catalyzes positive impact in the community that it serves through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Anchored in its mission statement of “Aiming to be better every day,” RBank created a program entitled, “RBank Creates Value” to institutionalize its CSR endeavors in their community engagement.

The 3-year CSR Roadmap, which began in 2017, was designed to teach financial literacy to the whole family by “adopting” a school, selecting a number of pupils to be the beneficiaries, involving their mothers and engaging their fathers.

On the first year of “RBank Creates Value”, RBankers conducted a storytelling using the Fable, “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” The pupils were given a coin bank that symbolized the beginning of their saving attitude. A total of 948 pupils benefitted from the program and 263 RBankers taught the kids, shared their time, and extended their blessings to them.

Adhering to JG Summit’s aim to “Make Life Better,” the Bank continued to serve and uphold its commitment of fulfilling the community’s changing needs. In 2018, RBankers returned to the same pupils to teach basic financial management by identifying the difference between needs and wants that was reinforced by cartoon videos.

The importance of financial education was also imparted to the pupils’ mothers with the help of the Bank’s Bancassurance Team. Additionally, a livelihood skills training program was conducted for them with the help of the Bank’s Microfinance clients whom, aside from sharing their skills, also shared how they have built their dream business with the financial assistance from Robinsons Bank.

17 CSR Teams composed of volunteer RBankers from different units and regions nationwide were formed. A total of 290 RBank volunteers visited 17 schools nationwide (8 in Metro Manila, 5 in Luzon, and 4 in Visayas and Mindanao) with a total of 1,288 beneficiaries in 2018.

The initiative sparked an interest in parents to open a Savings account for their kids. Some of the parents approached RBankers at the end of the activity and inquired about the nearest RBank Branch where they can open an account to start saving for their children’s future.

At present, with the guidance of their parents, pupils from Pura Kalaw Elementary School were able to open their first savings account and deposited the Christmas aguinaldos that they have recently received. Also, encouraged by their classmates who already have savings accounts at a young age, more pupils opened savings accounts thereafter.

This 2019, RBankers will be returning to their “adopted” schools to hold the third leg of RBank Creates Value’s 3-year Roadmap. Moving forward, Robinsons Bank is determined in initiating more sustainable efforts towards imparting financial education among different communities.

Robinsons Bank rallies on the vision of being the Bank of Choice and carries on initiatives of creating opportunities for more people to experience the rewards of having a bank that takes care of their needs. Through its dedication to provide the best experience, winning culture, outstanding returns, and as a responsive organization, the Bank embraces and extends more than just being a financial arm but builds relationships beyond banking.