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By accessing the corporate website of Robinsons Bank Corporation, also known as “RobinsonsBank” or “Robinsons Bank Corp”, ( or any of its pages, their nature, present and future functionalities and operating features, you accept these Terms & Conditions of Use and hereby consent to be bound by it. Otherwise, you should not access this website or any of its pages.


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All information and material submitted to Robinsons Bank Corp. via this website shall become the Bank’s property and that the Bank shall exercise its own discretion on the use or disposition of such information and material, subject to the Privacy Policy.
Robinsons Bank Corp. may hold and process information relating to you, your address, accounts, business, etc., whether provided by you or coming to the Bank’s possession through this website.


Robinsons Bank Corp. reserves the right to alter the scope and availability of its website, and to modify, restrict, withdraw, cancel, disconnect, deactivate, suspend or continue any or all of its contents or functionality without prior notice to you.
Robinsons Bank Corp. shall not be liable to you for your inability to use this website or any of the websites linked through it, due to causes beyond the Bank’s control, such as but not limited to, computer hardware or software problems including bugs and viruses, or related/incidental problems that may be attributed to a third party utility, telecommunications service, or information service provider, or in cases of natural disasters or calamities, fortuitous events, force majeure, and other unforeseen events or emergencies.
The text, images, information, links, or other material contained in this website, including formulas, rates, and other figures are displayed as is as of its last update and the Bank does not make any warranties or representations as to their accuracy, timeliness, or completeness.
Robinsons Bank Corp. shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, losses, or expenses arising out of your use of this website or any of the link(s) emanating from it in case the information or material contained in this website is no longer accurate, complete, updated, or approximating the market going rates, or if any of the Bank’s products, services, and channels mentioned in this website are not or no longer available in your geographical location.


This website is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, except during system downtime for maintenance, or computer, telecommunication, electrical, or network failure, and/or any other reasons beyond the Bank’s control. 


Applications, Other Services, and Links 

Submission of applications or other types of the service requests through this website does not automatically constitute approval of the request, and is subject to the Bank’s pre-qualifying conditions.
Robinsons Bank Corp. is not obliged to notify you, verbally or in writing, of the status of your application or service request except if the Bank will require you to submit further information, documents, or materials to proceed with your service request. And, you hold the bank free and harmless of any liability if your service request is denied because you are unable to submit the requirements the bank stated within the timetable the bank has set.
Robinsons Bank Corp. shall not be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, losses, or expenses arising out of your use of the bank’s 3rd parties’ websites, channels, functionality, products, or services, or in case such 3rd party information or material is no longer accurate, complete, updated, or approximating the market going rates, or if the Bank’s 3rd parties’ products, services, channels, and functionalities are not or no longer available, accessible, or performing in your geographical location.
Use of Electronic Mail
You agree not to rely on electronic mail (or “e-mail”) if you must report a lost or stolen ATM card or unauthorized transaction done using one of your enrolled accounts, or if you need to notify the bank immediately of any urgent concern needing/requiring immediate attention related to your enrolled accounts.
You agree that the bank may opt to respond to you by e-mail with regard to matters relating to your enrolled accounts or the services covered herein.
You agree not to use the contact information or facility in this website for any other purpose.
You further agree that the bank may communicate with you via e-mail about any subject matter related to the Bank’s products and services. 


Use of this website shall be governed and be subject to the applicable provisions of Republic Act No. 8792 (E-Commerce Act), the laws of the Philippines and all applicable rules and regulations of the Bank, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Bankers Association of the Philippines. 


Should any of the Terms & Conditions of Use herein be held invalid, the legality and enforceability of the remaining Terms of Use shall not in any way be affected or impaired.


You understand the Terms & Conditions of Use detailed herein and the corresponding risks entailed in accessing this website.
By accessing or using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of Use governing this website, their nature, present and future functionalities and operating features.
You agree that use of this website is at your own risk and you shall assume all risks, errors, omissions and delays incidental to or arising out of the use of the said website. You acknowledge that you have understood the Terms of Use and the corresponding risks entailed in availing these services from the bank.

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Statistics   Statistics

Foreign Exchange
Indicative Rate as of
2017-09-20 16:08:43.0 • 2017-09-20 16:08:43.0
  USD 50.78 51.18
  CNY 7.37 8.15
  EUR 58.87 62.69
  GBP 66.33 70.72
  JPY 0.4406 0.4738
  SGD 36.78 38.58
  HKD 6.34 6.64
Trust Products
Indicative Rate as of
2017-09-20 17:41:08.0 • 2017-09-20 17:41:08.0
see graph
Money Market Fund 105.498437
Balanced Fund 141.83872
Retirement Balanced Fund 0.0
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