Bank Accounts

Experience the ease and comfort of growing your funds with Robinsons Bank.

Managing your finances is easier with Robinsons Bank accounts. Get a savings account, checking account, or time deposit account to take charge of your financial future. Visit your nearest Robinsons Bank branch to open a new bank account today.

Saving Account
Deposit Products
Invest your hard-earned funds via Robinsons Bank's line of interest-earning deposit products.
Checking Account
Deposit Products
Monitor and manage the disbursement of funds thru a Checking Account.
Time Deposit
Deposit Products
Invest your hard-earned funds with higher interest-earning deposit products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime Banking with 24R Hub Cash Deposit Machine

Deposit your cash through the 24R Hub Cash Deposit Machine. Experience ANYTIME BANKING with Robinsons Bank!

Now you can easily transfer funds to other banks!

Easily transfer funds from your account to another bank account within the Philippines with Direct2Bank. This brand new service will allow you to transfer up to P50,000 instantly or up to P200,000 credit on the same day, from your Robinsons Bank account to another participating bank account within the Philippines.