RRewards Savings

Save, Earn, and Live the Rewarding Life You Deserve. Experience the benefits of a debit card and a rewards card merged into one with the new RRewards Savings Account.
Monitor Finance

Earn Rewards Points while Saving

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Maintaining Balance

Monitor your balance and RRewards points through RBank Digital


Evidence of AccountVisa Debit Card
Opening and Maintaining BalancePHP 100.00
Interest rate (Per annum)0.10%
Balance to earn InterestPHP 10,000.00
Monthly maintaining balance
to start earning points
PHP 5,000.00

*Open to all Go Rewards cardholders.


ConditionsEarned Points
For every Php5,000 monthly ADB1 point
For every Php10,000 in excess of Php50,000 monthly ADB3 points
Php 3,000,000 and up ADBMaximum Points: 1,250

Sample points formula

Monthly ADBEarned Points
Php 5,0001 point
Php 8,0001 point
Php10,0002 points
Php 20,0004 points
Php 50,00010 points
Php 55,00010 points
Php 60,00013 points
Php 69,00013 points
Php 70,00016 points
Php 3,000,0001,250 points
Php 3,500,0001,250 points

Points can be monitored via RBank Digital

How to open an account online?

Download the RBank Sign-Up App. Available on IOS and Android

Take a selfie and take a photo of your Valid I.D

Fill out the form and then verify your mobile number

Fund your Account now to experience hassle-free banking

Download the App now!

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Detailed FeaturesDetails/ Amount/Fee
Service Fees
Domestic ATM Transaction
ATM Withdrawal
       Using Robinsons Bank ATMNo Charge
       Using Agency Banking convenience feePhp 5.00
       Using Non-Robinsons Bank ATMPhp 11.00
Balance Inquiry
       Using Robinsons Bank ATMNo Charge
       Using Agency Banking convenience feePhp 1.00
       Using Non-Robinsons Bank ATMPhp 2.00
Card Replacement FeePhp 150.00
Early Account closure (less than 3 months)Php 500.00
Falling below maintaining balance (2 consecutive months)Php 500.00
Transaction Limits
Max. withdrawable amount per transactionPhp 15,000.00
Max. withdrawable amount per dayPhp 50,000.00
Card FeePhp 150.00
Inactivity/Service FeePhp 150.00

1. Can I use my expired Go Rewards Card to open RRewards Savings?

A: No. An expired Go Rewards Card cannot be used.

2. Can I use the Go Rewards Card of my relative/friend to open RRewards Savings?

A: No. Go Rewards Card of other person cannot be used.

3. How long before I get my account details when I open RRewards Savings?

A: Since account opening is via Sign Up, you will receive your account details   via email in seconds.

4. Is my RRewards Savings account active already?

A: Yes. Once you get the account no. its already active.

5. Can I also open RRewards Savings in the branch?

A: RRewards Savings can only be opened via RBank Sign Up

6. How can deposit to my RRewards Savings?

A: You may use channels such as Instapay, PesoNet, OTC, CDM etc. to deposit

7. Will I be receiving an ATM/Debit Card for my RRewards Savings?

A: You can avail of RRewards Savings Debit card for only PHP 150.00

8. Where can I get my ATM/Debit Card?

A: Your Visa Debit Card will be delivered to the Servicing branch you selected.

9. How much should I maintain in my account to keep it active?

A: The Minimum Maintaining Balance is Php 100.00

10. How much should I put in my account to earn Rewards points?

A: You need to have a minimum ADB (monthly) of Php 5,000.00 to earn Rewards   points

11. How many points do I get from maintaining an ADB of ____ (amount)?


12. What is the maximum no. of Rewards points that I can earn monthly?

A: You can earn a maximum of 1,250 Rewards points monthly

13. Where do I see my earned Rewards points?

A: You may view your updated/available Rewards points in RBank Digital

14. How can I transfer/redeem my earned Rewards points to my Go Rewards?

A: You can transfer/redeem your Rewards points using RBank Digital

15. What is the minimum Rewards points that I can transfer/redeem?

A: Minimum Rewards points that can be transferred/redeemed is 10pts.

16. Can I transfer/redeem my Rewards points partially?

A: Yes. You may partially transfer/redeem your Rewards Points

17. When will my earned Rewards points from ADB for the month be added in my points balance?

A: Crediting of ADB Rewards points will be on the 5th day of the succeeding month.

18. How long will it take to reflect the Rewards points I transferred/redeemed in my Go Rewards?

A: It will take about 3-5 banking days before it will reflect in your Go Rewards

19. Is there an expiry on the Rewards Points I earned?

A: Yes. Unclaimed Rewards points will expire after 5 years

Deposits are Insured by PDIC up to Php 500,000 per depositor.