RBank Remit

Remittance service is now a hassle-free process!

Enjoy these benefits

Access to 2,000+ branches of Cebuana Lhuillier

Hassle free remittance process

Real time availability of funds

Transfer money anytime, anywhere

How does it work

  1. Sender: Log-in to RBank Digital to access Remit in “Other services”
  2. Sender: Initiate Remittance Request and receive SMS confirmation
  3. Beneficiary: Visit any Cebuana Lhuillier Branch
  4. Beneficiary: Present info and Valid ID
  5. Beneficiary: Receives Cash

Got any questions? Feel free to contact us

1. What is RBank Remit? 

You may remit and send cash to anyone using your RBank Digital account and let your beneficiary claim from Robinsons Bank’s remittance partners.  


2. What is the benefit of RRemit to me? 

You may send money anytime, anywhere through your RBank Digital account. No need to go out and wait in line. Its fast and secure. 


3. Do I need to have a Robinsons Bank account? 

Yes, as the sender, you are required to have a Robinsons Bank account and register to the RBank Digital.

On the other hand, your beneficiary doesn’t need to have a bank account. They can claim the remittance through Robinsons Bank’s partner remittance agents. 


4. Where can I transact RRemit? 

You may send your remittance via RBank Digital (Website/Mobile). While the remittance can be claimed through any branch of the selected partner remittance agents.


5. Who are eligible to transact RRemit? 

Senders must have a Robinsons Bank account and is registered to the RBank Digital (Website/Mobile).  


6. I will send money, do I need to register to be able to access RRemit?  

Besides registering your account to RBank Digital, you will be asked to do a one-time registration to the RRemit facility via the RBank Digital. Once you select Remit, you will be prompted to enter your one-time registration details. And that’s it! You can proceed with your transaction.  


6. Who are the partner remittance agents? 

As of January 2021, Robinsons Bank has partnered with Cebuana Lhuillier with over 3,000 branches nationwide.  


7. Does the remittance transaction have an expiry?

Yes. The expiry depends on the partner remittance agent. For Cebuana Lhuillier, if the remittance is unclaimed after 30 days from transaction date, it will be cancelled and the principal amount will be credited back to the account. The service fee will not be refunded anymore.




1. How do I register? 

Choose Remit in Other Services menu options. You will be prompted to enter important information (sender & beneficiary details). You will also receive an email notification for the successful or unsuccessful registration.


2. How do I send a transaction via RRemit? 

Remit in just 5 easy steps!  

  • Choose Remitin the menu options then New Remittance page will appear
  • If it’s your first time to remit to that beneficiary, you must enter the details required. Otherwise, you may select your beneficiary from the drop down list
  • Fill out the details in the following fields: Remittance partner, funding account, source of fund
  • Enter the Remittance amount(Minimum of Php1.00 to Maximum of Php50,000)
  • A confirmation page with the remittance details will be displayed


3. When does my account get debited? 

Your account gets debited immediately after your RRemit transaction has been confirmed. 


4. What is a Remittance Reference Number?  

This is a unique reference number pertaining to the remittance transaction you made. You may provide this to your beneficiary as it is the same number he/she will show the partner remittance agent.  


5. How long will it take before my remittance becomes available for claiming? 

Funds are available real time! Beneficiary can immediately go to the partner remittance agent branch to claim after you’ve received the confirmation and get the remittance reference number. No need to wait for hours or next day.  




1. I will receive the money, do I need to register? 

No, there is no need to register with Robinsons Bank. However, you must comply with the identification requirements of the partner remittance agents when claiming.  


2. Do I need to have a Robinsons Bank account to be able to receive money? 

No, you are not required to open a Robinsons Bank account 


3. How do I claim the remittance? 

You may proceed to the branch of selected partner remittance agent and present the Remittance Reference number. Pls note that you must comply with the identification requirements of the remittance agents.


4. What do I need to bring when I claim the remittance? 

Remittance reference number.  Most remittance agents require valid ID/s. Pls note that Robinsons Bank has no control over the requirements of partner remittance agent.




1. What currencies are available? 

Philippine Peso remittances only.  


2. Are there fees when I send out money? 

Yes, the corresponding service fee will vary depending on the remittance amount. The service fee amount will be shown prior to confirming the transaction.


3. Is the fee deducted from my total remittance? 

No, the fee will be added on top of the remittance amount.  


4. Are there fees when the beneficiary claims the money? 



5. Is there a minimum amount to remit? 

Yes, Php1.00 


6. Is there a maximum amount to remit? 

Yes, maximum of Php50,000 per transaction, per day.


7. Is there a limit in the number of transactions in a day?

None. However, the maximum amount to remit is Php50,000 per day.



1. What is the proof of sending remittance? 

A confirmation page shall be displayed containing the remittance details. You will also receive an SMS/email notification of the remittance transaction.


2. Will I get notified once my beneficiary claims?  




1. What if I need to change the beneficiary details (Name, Mobile Number) or amount?

You need to call Customer Service and ask for a cancellation request of the remittance transaction then you will need to create a new remittance in your RBank Digital account.


2. How long is the processing of the cancellation request?

2 banking days 


3. How will I know if my remittance transaction was cancelled?

You will receive an SMS confirmation once transaction has been cancelled and the principal amount has been credited back to your account.


4. How much is the refund once my remittance has been cancelled?

Only the principal remittance amount will be credited back to your account. The service fee will not be refunded anymore.