RKansya is your digital piggy bank. Save for a specific goal through this easier, safer, and more rewarding feature on the RBank Digital app.

Product Features


Earn Go Rewards

Connect your Go Rewards account and consistently save to earn points.


Top-up and Withdraw

Automate or Manual funding of Rkansya withdrawal anytime


Monitor your savings

View Rkansya transaction and Go Rewards points



Existing Clients

Easily connect Rkansya with your existing Checking or Savings account when you download the RBank Digital app.

Product Details

Product Name Rkansya
Account Type E-wallet
Channel to Open RBank Digital
Maintaining Balance None
Minimum Balance to earn Balance Php 2,000
Maximum Limit per Costumer Php 500,000
Maximum Length of Time to Save 12 months
Promo Period 1 year from Launch
Frequency of Funding / top-up User defined (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, per salary, days, etc.)
Withdrawal Frequency Anytime
Withholding Tax None
Documentary Stamps None
Mode of Reward Go Rewards Points
Amount of Reward 3 Go Rewards Points for every Php 2,000 ADB
Earning Frequency Additional 2 Go Rewards points every 3 months if no withdrawal from Rkansya
Frequency Automatic Transfer every Month

Go Rewards Points Mechanics

Conditions Earned Points
For every Php 2,000 monthly ADB 3 Points

Go Rewards Points System

Average Daily Balance Tier Go Rewards Points
Php 1 to 1,999 0
Php 2,000 to 3,999 3
Php 4,000 to 5,999 6
Php 6,000 to 7,999 9
Php 8,000 to 9,999 12
Php 10,000 to 11,999 15
Php 12,000 and Up 3 points increments of Php 2,000 ADB

Additional Go Rewards Points

Quarterly Bonus if NO withdrawal Go Rewards Points
Quarter 1 2
Quarter 2 2
Quarter 3 2
Quarter 4 2

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