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Loan PurposeFor multipurpose personal consumption
Loan Amount Minimum: P1,000.00

Maximum: 70% of the average of last three (3) payroll credits

The maximum amount is subject to the cash advance limit assigned per customer, which is based on net salary in the past six (6) month/s.

Term Maximum of fourteen (14) days
Mode of ReleaseImmediate credit to customer's payroll account
Payment dateThe availed cash advance will be automatically deducted from customer's payroll account on the next immediate salary schedule.
Fees and Charges
  • Processing Fee – Minimum of Php100.00 for cash advance amounting to Php5,000 and below. For above Php5,000, additional Php50.00 for every Php5,000 or fraction thereof. Fee shall be deducted from the proceeds of the cash advance 
  • Late payment Fee - 5% on the due amount 

Note: InstaBale is only available for qualified RBank payroll account holders. Look for the InstaBale link when you log-on to RBank Digital

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