Retirement Fund Management

Set up a retirement plan for your company's greatest assets.

A retirement benefit plan is one that is set up by a company to provide retirement and separation benefits to its employees.  A qualified retirement plan is a plan approved by the Bureau of Internal Revenue to have complied with the requirements for tax exemption.

We can assist companies with no existing retirement plan:

  • Assistance in crafting the Retirement Plan Rules and Regulations
  • Assistance in filing with the BIR for tax exemption certification
  • Portfolio design in accordance with the company’s Retirement Committee instructions/objectives
  • Active portfolio management and review
  • Quarterly financial statements to apprise company on retirement fund performance

We can assist companies with existing retirement plan:

  • Review of existing plan’s portfolio
  • Active portfolio management and review
  • Assistance in the update of application of BIR Tax Exemption Certification

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