Corporate ADA

Robinsons Bank offers a CMS collection facility that allows the client/biller to collect payments from their customers/payors via our auto-debit facility.

Enjoy these benefits

Collects payment efficiently on the actual due date

Can be offered to billers who offers payment terms to their customers

With CWT issuance feature and customizable collection report

Can be offered to billers with individual and corporate payors who has an existing RBank account

Real time payment notification to payors

Features and Functionalities


  • Collects Payment efficiently on the actual due date
  • Sends bill advise to payor on behalf of the biller
  • Customizable collection report


  • Settles payment to biller via auto-debit
  • With CWT issuance feature
  • Near real-time payment notifications

How does it work

  1. Biller Submits:
    • MOA (if new)
    • Corporate ADA Addendum
    • Biller Enrollment Form (EF)
    • OCL Payor Submits:
      • Authorization for ADA EF
      • CWT EF (If applicable)
  2. Biller provides necessary requirement for onboarding in the ADA facility
  3. Biller receives user credentials for e2banking and Enrolled Payor Reports Payor receives successful ADA Enrollment notification
  4. Biller undergoes UAT and Systems’ Training with the Implementation Officer
  5. Biller uploads and approves ADA payment file in e2banking
  6. Biller Report:
    • Collection report
    • Biller report Payor Notification:
      • Payment reminder
      • Successful Payment notification
      • Failed Payment notification

Get onboarded with Robinsons Bank

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Submit the following requirements:

Biller: MOA (If new to CMS), Corporate ADA Addendum and Enrollment Form

Payor: Authorization for ADA EF and CWT Issuance EF

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Wait for processing and approval

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