Do you have a pending business transaction requiring an independent third party to hold documents or funds, while certain conditions are still to be complied with, by both contracting parties?

An escrow is a tripartite agreement whereby the bank, as escrow agent, holds assets or documents deposited by the contacting parties or principals, the eventual delivery of which to a designated party is dependent upon the consummation of certain events, or actions performed  by the parties concerned.

An escrow reduces the risk of fraud and protects both transacting parties' interests.

  • Common escrow uses
    • real estate buy and sell
    • deferred payment of BIR capital gains tax in real estate sales (RA 8424)
    • POEA-licensing requirement for recruitment, shipping, manning and travel agencies
  • Customized escrow agreement based on clients’ requirements
  • Escrow funds may be invested for the duration of the escrow term
  • Protection of interest of contracting parties
  • Competitive trust fees based on amount, duration and complexity of the escrow account

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