Advisory: New check design effective May 1, 2024

Please be advised that starting May 1, 2024, all checks presented for clearing must comply with the new check design and specifications prescribed by the PCHC*.

Here are the specific changes:

1. Individual boxes for Issue Date with MM-DD-YYYY format

2. Peso (₱) sign placed outside the amount in figures box

3. Signature box/es supplied for the signature portion

Please verify if your checkbook is already compliant with the new check design by referring to the illustration above. If your checkbook is not yet compliant, you may order a new checkbook to avoid any inconvenience.

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do I request a Robinsons Bank checkbook with the new design?

  • For your convenience, you may order through the RBank Digital App by following these easy steps:
    • Log-in via RBank Digital App.
    • Click “More”.
    • Go to “Other Services”.
    • Select “Checkbook Re-order“.
    • Select your checking account number and the checkbook quantity you would like to order.
    • Select the funding account and the branch where the checkbook will be picked up then click “Submit”.
    • Upon submission, the selected funding account will be automatically debited.
    • You may pick up the checkbook from your selected branch of account after 7 to 10 banking days.
  • You may also visit any Robinsons Bank branch or contact your Branch Center Head to request a new checkbook.

2. How much is a Robinsons Bank checkbook?

  • Robinsons Bank checkbook costs Php 300 for individual clients and Php 500 for corporate clients. A personal checkbook contains 50 checks while a corporate checkbook contains 100 checks.

3. What will happen to post-dated checks (PDCs) with issue date May 1, 2024 and onwards?

  • Only post-dated checks (PDCs) in old format made to payees with PDC warehousing arrangements with any bank, will be processed for clearing.
  • Please ask your payees if they have bank warehousing arrangements. If none, you need to replace your previously issued post-dated Robinsons Bank checks in old format with checks with the new design.

4. I issued an old format check dated April 30, 2024 or earlier, can it still be honored?

  • Yes, this will still be honored for deposit or encashment on or before the 180th day from the date of issuance. Otherwise, it will be considered stale.

For further assistance, you may contact our Customer Care Center (C3) hotline at (+632) 8637-2273 or send an email to

*In compliance with the Philippine Clearing House Corporation’s (PCHC) Memo Circular No. 3743.