Cash Management
Quick access to login to RBank's Cash Management System

The recent advances in technology have brought forth new channels of delivering products and services from the banking fore. Indeed, the clamor to get more out of new channels becomes more resonant as technologies evolve.

RobinsonsBank now brings the power of cash management right at your fingertips. Through our web based cash management facility, companies like yours can optimize the payment and collection cycles, thereby effectively and efficiently managing your funds.

Our cash management system enables you to directly upload payments to your employee payroll accounts and supplier accounts. Cash advances, petty cash, expense allowance funds can similarly be credited.


Need more channels to make it convenient for your customers? Having a headache reconciling payments collected?


Automate your disbursements. Whether via check or online, there's a Robinsons Bank solution.


Get access to a more automated and streamlined system for timekeeping to payroll management. You and your employees can also gain access to merchants worldwide with Robinson’s Bank Visa Payroll Debit Card

For further inquiries or for enrollment, please contact our
Corporate Customer Care through:
Phone: 702-9500 loc. 642 or 648