RBank now brings the power of cash management right at your fingertips

RobinsonsBank now brings the power of cash management right at your fingertips. Through our web based cash management facility, companies like yours can optimize the payment and collection cycles, thereby effectively and efficiently managing your funds.

Our cash management system enables you to directly upload payments to your employee payroll accounts and supplier accounts. Cash advances, petty cash, expense allowance funds can similarly be credited.


Financial decisions make or break a business’ success. With RobinsonsBank e2BANKING Cash Management System (CMS), clients and business partners are guaranteed of keeping their business on track as business solutions are made available to ensure efficient and effective management of their business cash flow.

RobinsonsBank e2BANKING CMS is an Internet-based application that is accessible using any browser available from desktop or laptop computers or via Internet-enabled mobile phones. RobinsonsBank e2BANKING CMS is secured using Verisign’s Security Certificate which enables SSL for end-to-end encryption and for the clients to verify the authenticity of the website.

RobinsonsBank e2BANKING CMS banks on credibility and stability as demonstrated by its provider, CashTech Solutions, which received both the Euromoney Award for Best Cash Management Solution (2005, 2004) and The Banker Technology Award for Payment and Cash Management Systems (2005, 2003).

To date, RobinsonsBank e2BANKING CMS caters to various clients from large institutions to small and medium-scale enterprises (SMEs), covering various industry users in the manufacturing sector, telecommunication, aviation, trading, distribution & logistics, real estate, financial institutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) among others.

RobinsonsBank e2BANKING CMS can be accessed via www.rbank.com.ph