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Corporate Information


Robinsons Bank is the financial services arm of the JG Summit Group of companies. The Bank is 60.0% owned by JG Summit Capital Services Corp. and 40.0% owned by Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc., a listed company since November 2013. Robinsons Bank is a full-service Philippine commercial bank which serves the banking requirements of its retail consumers, business partners, and general public via a wide-array of products and services.

Robinsons Bank started as a savings bank in November 1997 amid the backdrop of the Asian financial crisis. In 2002, then Robinsons Savings Bank acquired the branches of ABN Amro Savings Bank (Philippines), its licenses to operate the branches and bank deposit portfolio. This acquisition made Robinsons Savings Bank the seventh largest thrift bank during that period. In February 2010, Robinsons Savings Bank acquired the controlling interest of the Royal Bank of Scotland (Philippines). In August of the same year, Royal Bank of Scotland (Philippines) was renamed as Robinsons Bank Corporation. Then by December, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) approved the merger of Robinsons Savings Bank and Robinsons Bank Corporation, with Robinsons Bank Corporation as the surviving entity. With this merger, Robinsons Bank became the 14th largest amongst commercial banks and the 31st largest bank in the Philippine banking system at that time. In 2012, BSP approved the Bank's move to acquire Legazpi Savings Bank (LSB). The acquisition of LSB opens up business lines and grows the target market for Robinsons Bank in the Bicol region. LSB became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robinsons Bank.

Robinsons Bank is one of the fastest growing commercial banks in the Philippines today. The Bank is committed to position itself for further business growth and aims to be among the largest banks in the country, guided by the Bank’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values.