Change in Benchmark Index of the Robinsons Bank Peso Balanced Fund UITF and Other Amendments on Pricing Conventions

Dear Valued Investors of the RBank Balanced Fund,

As you are aware, the RBank Balanced Fund is a Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) that is invested in both fixed-income securities and listed equities. Every quarter, we issue a Key Information & Investment Disclosure Statement (KIIDs) where we provide information such as the NAVPU, outstanding investment portfolio and historical performance to include a comparison of its actual historical returns versus a pre-selected benchmark.

We would like to inform you that, effective September 30, 2017, we are amending the benchmark index only for the fixed-income portfolio portion of the RBank Balanced Fund UITF. For the equity portfolio portion, we will continue to benchmark against the Phil. Stock Exchange index (PSEi).

The RBank Balanced Fund UITF will make use of the Bloomberg Sovereign Bond Index (with adjusted PDSR2 valuation) as the benchmark of its fixed-income portfolio. Kindly note that this change will not in any way affect the absolute return of your investment in the Balanced Fund UITF as this new benchmark is just an indicator on how the fund performs compared to the benchmark index.

These adjustments are reflected in the Amended Appendix I of the UITF Declaration of Trust which RBank Trust & Investments Group (TIG) has submitted to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and which is posted in the bank’s website for your ready reference. This will likewise be published in the succeeding editions of the Balanced Fund’s Key Information and Investment Disclosure Statement (KIIDS).

The other amendments in the Appendix I refer to the changes in Mark-to-Market pricing conventions which we have since been utilizing since effectivity dates of the regulations:

Reference for mark-to-market for equities 3:30PM closing PSE prices
Reference for mark-to-market for fixed-income securities Appropriate 4:45PM PDSTR2 benchmark reference rates per PDEX website
NAVPU availability Computed daily at 6:00PM or as close thereto as possible, after all relevant information necessary for calculating the same shall have been collected and processed accordingly.

Given the above, we will consider it your amenability to the above amendments with your decision to remain invested in the Balanced Fund UITF. Should you have clarifications, please feel free to contact us at the following numbers: 8702-9500 locals 506, 546, 544. You may also email us at for your queries.

Thank you for your continued support!