2020 Business Trends To Watch Out For

Here’s a forecast on how the business industry for 2020 will look like

How is your business doing during this first quarter of the year? Looking out for innovations you ought to prepare for or jump on?

It’s not too late! You can still make use of these business trends to reshape your business plans for 2020. Just always make sure it remains aligned with your brand, your objectives, your goals, and your vision.

Personalized Customer Service

Customer service has seen a boom in business for the past decade. However, even with the rise of AI, providing customized customer services remains to be essential. Ensure your services and offerings are hyperpersonalized — utilize ad targeting, humanize customer relations and conversations, optimize marketing startegies.

Consumers no longer have time and interest in browsing through brochures of various services and products. Give them exactly what they want based on purchase history, inquiries, and their personal relationship with your business.

Reviews can Make or Break your Business

If we can learn one thing from the rise of influencer marketing, it’s that consumers value user reviews. It plays a significant part in a consumer’s journey because most consumers would prefer to read a review of a product before actually making a purchase.

Take advantage of this by making sure your product or service is being advocated by people online. Encourage user generated content to strengthen your brand’s credibility to ultimately increase sales.

Remote Working

Horrible traffic is no longer news here in the Philippines. More often than not, one of the biggest stressor of an employee is the commute to and from work. Hence the rise of remote working. Technology has made is possible for businesses to function even without an actual office space. Employees get to do their work from anywhere as long as they have laptops and/or smartphones.

Remote working cuts a considerable amount of business costs and even makes it easier for employees to nurture their work-life balance. Not to mention allow businesses to have access to teams from anywhere in the world.

Voice Searches

Nearly a third of web browsing is already done using either Alexa or Google Home. Voice searches are much easier to do especially for this generation that seems to always be on-the-go.

This makes it necessary for businesses to go beyond keyword optimization because voice searches are done in complete sentences instead of keywords. So if you want to build an online presence, make sure your content is voice optimized, as much as it is keyword optimized.

The Woke Society

Societal changes are now driving both big and small businesses to rethink their place in society. Consumers are more concerned on their impact on the world and this shows in their growing interest in climate change, mental health, animal welfare, and even gender issues.

As a business, it’s important to join in this growth by supporting consumers and employees with their much more fluid priorities. Take the time to reassess your contribution to society to better cater to your consumers’ needs and avoid being cancelled by the woke society.

While there are still a number of trends popping up as we go through 2020, these 5 will be their navigation guide. This is a year where businesses must listen to the people to stay afloat. Hyper-personalization of services and societal impact are two of the most important things you need to include in your business plans — incase you still haven’t.