5 Money-Saving Tips During A Pandemic

Save yourself and your savings from the pandemic with these everyday money tips.

It’s no longer news how things have been challenging for all of us because of the pandemic. Majority are on lockdown, some working from home, and others even have it worse. So we believe it’s the best time to finally get on top of your financial management, and actually start saving money.

You may already be saving money by not travelling or buying pricey meals and snacks in the office cafeteria, but you can be more proactive than that. So we’ve prepared a list of simple yet effective ways to maximize your savings during the quarantine.

Cook your meals

Cooking during the quarantine hits two birds with one stone. Not only are you saving money by not spending too much on deliveries, but you’re also provided with the calming and methodical process of cooking. 

Another great benefit of cooking is you get to improve your skills. You never know, maybe you have a hidden cooking talent waiting to be discovered. Not only that, you can even try your hand at actually earning from your dishes by selling them online.

Purchase frozen vegetables and fruits

Normally, fresh fruits and vegetables are more expensive than their frozen counterparts. The reason for this is that foods retain more of their nutrients when they are fresh. However, since going out is no longer an easy nor safe feat, frozen foods will do for your everyday meals. Not only is it the practical move, it’s also the cheaper one!

Declutter and sell unwanted items

Marie Kondo put decluttering into mainstream media, and the best time to practice her teachings is during the pandemic when you have more time and energy than you can ever ask for. Decluttering not only makes your home tidier, but like cooking, offers a calming, zen-like effect which can help you mentally during this lockdown. 

You could also consider selling your unwanted, decluttered items online. Websites like eBay and Carousell are great platforms for selling second-hand stuff. You can even try Facebook Marketplace or even Instagram!

Don’t buy things immediately

It’s always a good idea to wait before committing to buying something. Especially if it’s a non-essential. I know that online shopping is a great distraction during quarantine. They also give a sense of comfort and the feeling you get when an item is delivered is also one for the books. But remember that most of the items you want will eventually go on sale in a couple of months.

The key is to try to resist the urge to impulse buy. If it’s really necessary, try doing it in bulk to save up on shipping fees, and only go for discounted items.

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions and memberships

Now’s the best time to figure out which of your monthly subscriptions offer anything during the pandemic. Gym memberships, obviously, are unusable during this time so you may want to consider cancelling before they charge you anything. You can always reinstate your membership once everything goes back to normal and the quarantine has been lifted.

These  five money-saving tips may not be much, but they’re definitely doable. We know it hasn’t been easy but do keep your head out of the water by keeping yourself and your spending in check.