Here Are 10 Sedans That Will Cost You Less Than P15,000 a Month

Buy the car of your dreams with only P15,000 (or less!) a month with the help of a trusted car loan and this list of affordable but quality sedans.

Ready to enjoy the ride of your life in your dream sedan? While that may be a yes, we understand that your tight budget might make it tough to attain. But with the right car and the right car loan, you can make your dream car your actual car in just a matter of days.

Here’s a list of affordable sedans you can have for yourself with only P15,000 a month.

  1. Mitsubishi Mirage/Mirage G4

Taking care of Mitsubishi’s b-segment lineup is the Mirage G4. What makes this car great is that it’s fuel-efficient and proudly Filipino-made. Price ranges from P533,000 to P633,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Tata Indigo

If you’re looking for a more economical sedan, the Tata Indigo is the car for you. Fuel-efficient, stylish, and affordable with a price of P545,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Honda Brio

Otherwise known as Brio Amaze, this Honda sedan is perfect for city-driving. It’s preferred by local Metro drivers because of its gasoline-saving attributes. Price ranges from P609,000 to P689,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Toyota Vios

The Vios is Toyota’s ever-dependable car for the entry-level market. This practical, functional, yet luxurious sedan is priced at P630,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Kia Rio

Giving new meaning to the saying small but terrible, this city car is actually built for cross-city driving regardless of its compact size. Priced at P635,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Suzuki Dzire

Suzuki’s very affordable and highly-usable city car, the Dzire is compact and lightweight enough for the easy-breezy drivers of the Metro. Priced at P638,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Nissan Almera

Built for a smooth drive, the Nissan Almera is also known for its space-saving design. Buyers can get it at P651,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Hyundai Accent

You’ll be surprised by how affordable this gorgeous sedan is. Korean company, Hyundai, really did not disappoint when it introduced Hyundai Accent to the millennials with growing buying power. Priced at P668,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Volkswagen Santana

Arguably the most affordable Volkswagen car in the market, the Volkswagen Santana is the entry-level version of the German-engineered car of your dreams. Priced at P686,000 in the Philippine market.

  1. Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta is a trusted small sedan that’s priced at around P698,000.00 in the Philippine market. Its specs give justice to why it’s called a small car that’s big on value.

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So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go full throttle towards your dream car!