Take It From Investment Experts: Investment Advice From The Best

Advice from the world’s top investors to inspire you to start your investment journey today!

A lot of millennials have grown interested in learning more about investments during these troubling times. Most have had their eyes opened that proper financial management is indeed highly important if you want to stay afloat regardless of emergencies both personally and economically. However, with all the many articles and content you find online, it may be challenging to figure out which is legitimate.

That’s why we’ve compiled helpful and doable investment advice from various experts all over the globe. Find what resonates to you and your needs, and start your investment journey today.

“Invest early on. Knowing your portfolio inside out will be extremely beneficial later on.”

– Liezl Quiliza, world-renowned Financial Adviser

You may have heard or read this a couple of times already, but there’s no pain in reiterating it. The best time to start investing is always as soon as possible. So if you’re still waiting for a sign. This is it.

“Investing is actually a very entrepreneurial concept.”

– George Wong, Financial Expert

It’s easier to jump into investment if you think of it as helping out a friend with his or her business. The whole concept of the stock market revolves around buying shares from a company you believe in.

Approach it like how you would a business venture. Focus on long term goals instead of short ones, and see the exponential growth of your portfolio as years progress.

“One of the best pieces of advice I can give to someone who’s just learning to invest is to get the right education.”

– Phil Town, Author of 3 best-selling investment books

Cover the bases. Learn all about investment, its types, terminologies, and trends. You can do so by reading up on articles such as these. Or better yet, contact a financial expert to discuss everything you want to know about investment.

Then, you go on from there. Keep learning because the world of investment is ever evolving. It’s important to stay up to date and keep in touch with your financial adviser to stay on top of your finances and investments.

“There are no shortcuts to building wealth.”

-Randell Tiongson, author of renowned personal finance book

What you have to remember about investments is that there are risks tucked in in every move you make. So patience is highly important. Set your eyes on long term returns because it may take a lot of hits and misses before finally achieving the portfolio of your dreams.

The key is to keep taking calculated risks and building a buffer fund to weather the volatile market.

“When starting out, don’t invest any money you can’t afford to lose.”

– Benny Emerline, respected personal finance writer

Because you are likely to lose it. When it comes to investments there is little to no chance of experiencing beginner’s luck. Like we’ve said countless times, this is a long term investment that has your money rising and falling in no pattern whatsoever. So if your investment drops 50% a day after investing and you’re already panicking, then that means that’s not the amount you should be investing right now.

Be realistic with where you are financially. Especially during times such as these, it is important that you invest what you can afford to grow after years, not just months. We advise sitting down with a trusted financial adviser and planning things through.

The bottomline to all of these is that you have the power to grow your wealth. All you need is the motivation to actually start and be disciplined enough to power through it despite the obstacles. And when all else fails, you can also give your financial adviser a call.