The Best Ways to Earn Money from Home

Take advantage of the current situation by putting your soft skills to good use. Here are some ways to earn from the comforts of your home.

Most of us find ourselves with a lot of free time in our hands lately. While it’s important to take this opportunity to reassess our lifestyles, get some rest, take a breather, and do things you don’t normally have time for, you can also opt to take on work from home projects as well. Surprisingly, Filipinos have a lot of options when it comes to ways to earn money from home.

Here are some options for those interested in working from home:


Blogging is still considered as one of the most common ways to earn money from home. Once you’ve created a following online with your quality content, this “hobby” can be quite lucrative. Through your website, you can create a community which will help you monetize your content and page through Google ads.

Use your skills in photography and writing by creating content that you believe will resonate well with your target market. The key here is research. Read up on Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads to ensure your content and website if fully optimized at all times to generate funds.

Selling Pre-Loved Items Online

If you’re looking for a sign to start decluttering, this is it! Look around your home and pick out items you’re no longer using — from clothes, to furniture, to shoes, to bags, to toys — and sell them online. All you have to do is tidy up the items, take a photo and choose from these selling platforms:

    • Carousell – An online marketplace accessed through its website or app, with a growing community.
    • Facebook Marketplace – A page within Facebook where people are allowed to sell items to other Facebook users.
    • Instagram – Set up an Instagram account solely for selling your items. (TIP: Take aesthetically appealing photos of your items for better chances of selling!)
    • Facebook Live – Selling auctions are all the rage nowadays! Take advantage of this and go live while selling your items — this is more suitable for more expensive items.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you’re looking to work with international clients, you can become a virtual assistant. Some examples of virtual assistant tasks are encoding, writing, editing, designing, etc. There are a number of websites and Facebook groups solely for recruiting/hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines.

Start by creating or updating your CV and portfolio, and coordinate with any of these recruiters.

Sell Services Online

With the necessity to stay at home, a lot of services have either become limited or obsolete. Take advantage of this and make use of skills you can share/sell online. If you’re a fitness expert, you start your own online training program. If you are an artist or video editor, you can start commissioning your works. Social media experts can also use their skills by becoming community managers or content creators for various influencers or brands.

Tap into your passion and “soft skills” and think of different ways you can sell them online. Remember, we’re all business people here — what we sell is our time and our skills. And the best part is you get to have fun while you rake in funds!