Track Your Investments Using These 6 Tools

Ensure your finances and portfolios are well-managed at all times with these 6 easy-to-use and easy-to-comprehend investment tools.

Not a lot of people know that tracking investments don’t necessarily require professional help 24/7. Staying on top of your finances and portfolio at all times is now made easier and more accessible even if you’re on-the-go, thanks to smartphone apps and digital tools.

However, with the number of investment tracking tools available in the market today, which are the best ones you should use? Here are our recommended top 6:

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is one of — if not the most — popular software for tracking investments. It has over a million users, and tracks assets worth more than 226 billion dollars. A good reason for its popularity is that it offers free tools that manage your entire financial life in one platform.

Some of the services Personal Capital provide are health checks to your portfolios using its Fee Analyzer, Investment Checkup tools, and Retirement Planning. What makes this software great is that you can view all their tools and services in one dashboard — making tracking and monitoring your investments and assets a whole lot easier.


SigFig is a fresh name in the investment tracking market. It may be still new, but the services it provides can compete with the giants in the industry.

SigFig offers complete summary reports, regular updates, and transition of your assets with fee and tax efficient strategies to reduce taxes and commissions. It also monitors your investments every day and automatically re-balances whenever you have extra dividends or interest (even cash).


Mint is considered the second-best investment tracking software just behind Personal Capital. It provides almost the same tools and services as the latter, but what makes Mint great is that it offers advice and tips to improve your investment practices.

Its security is top-notch as well thanks to its partnership with VeriSign. You don’t have to worry about privacy and breach of sensitive data. Now you can invest at ease.


WeVest lets you track your net worth, organize your finances, optimize your savings, and adjust your financial goals such as retirement planning or purchasing a house. Like Mint, it’s also very secure with its 256-bit SSL and AES-256 database encryption. It’s also very safe since it doesn’t store your address, credit card, or social security number.


Moneyspire is known for its easy-to-use investment tracking applications. But don’t let its simplicity fool you because this software is a very powerful tool. It lets you fulfil tasks such as tracking your accounts and balances, acquiring expenditure and income reports, all while providing reminders for bills and deposits or upcoming payments, and creating detailed reports and charts. You can also set budgets, banking statements, and forecast future account balances anywhere using their mobile app.


Sharesight is a great online investment tracking tool that offers automatic and comprehensive tax and performance reports. It also allows you to import trading history so you can monitor corporate actions easily. Another service this tool provides is currency and daily price updates (with detailed reports) to help you keep a close eye on your investments.

There you have it, six amazing tools to assist your investment tracking. So, which one will you use? If you think there are better investment tracking tools out there, feel free to let us know by sending us an email or sharing your thoughts on the comments section below.