Want To Start Your Own Online Biz? Learn From These 7 Pinays!

Turn your business idea into a successful entrepreneurial reality. Take it from these girl bosses!

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find women taking charge. As more women are leading the pack and managing their own business, we can all learn a thing or two from their success stories. We talked to seven Pinays on how they set up their online business before deciding to take a leap and display their products at an actual store. They all found their spot at Market Liberty, a modern platform that supports Pinay-owned labels like theirs. 

Here’s what they have to say:

Name: Regina Aquino

Her business: Studio Regina

What it offers: “Studio Regina is a ready-to-wear fashion brand that aims to uplift women and help them look their very best. [It] also accepts custom clothing to cater to more women of different sizes. The brand started when a friend asked me to design a wedding gown and when I posted it online, I received positive feedback from family and friends. People began noticing my craft! So I started this business that gets me so happy and excited about.”

Her business advice: “Learn to put yourself out there. It may be intimidating and uncomfortable, but just keep on believing in yourself.”

Name: Jackielyn Tinio           

Her business: Meigan Collection

What it offers: “My love for shoes and footwear gave birth to this brand.”

Her business advice: “Focus on quality and customer experience first before you worry about sales and quotas. You need to sell a product that’s not only cheap or beautiful—you need to champion products that will stay with them and will be part of their lifestyles.”

Name: Isabel Celdran-Koa

Her business: Mode De Vie

What it offers: “MDV is all about classic pieces with a modern twist. We started in October 2015.”

Her business advice: “Don’t be discouraged by a slow start. We all have to begin somewhere. If it’s something you are truly passionate about, given the chance, it will bloom in its own time.”

Name: Arianne Denise Lunod

Her business: Simone’s Closet

What it offers: “Simone’s Closet is a bohemian lifestyle brand carrying locally-made boho clothes, handmade fabric accessories, home decors, swimsuits, and souvenirs. It began in 2010 on Multiply.”     

Her business advice: “Just like any other business, the secret to success is having a pure and passionate heart, the right attitude, a good business concept, and a knowledge of proper financial management.”

Name: Kris Bernal

Her business: SHE Cosmetics

What it offers: “SHE Cosmetics hopes [to bring] quality makeup products to Filipinas. The brand’s first line [features] Cushion Matte Liquid Lipsticks. [Our] products are made in Korea.”

Her business advice: “Do what you’re good at, produce quality products, and create an effective marketing plan.”

Name: Jasmin Florido

Her business: Buklod Crafts

What it offers: “We sell handwoven native baskets and other home accessories made in the Philippines. I left the corporate world and started working for our family business. My sister and I decided to make an Instagram account to sell our excess stock. We got very good feedback from our first customers so we decided to continue selling online.”

Her business advice: “Love your business! Grab every opportunity if it feels good. Take risks and don’t be discouraged at the first sign of defeat. Hard work pays off!”

Name: Felicia Capulong

Her business: Kurin

What it offers: “Kurin [is] an everyday cleaner powered by Japanese technology that increases the pH level of water and food-grade potassium carbonate. We started this business just late last year.” 

Her business advice: “Listen to your clients. Know what they want and find a solution to their problem. That’s what we are here for, right?”

This article was originally published on cosmo.ph/lifestyle/career-money. Minors edits have been made.