advisory 6

Loans Payment Extended Grace Period

In compliance with the “Bayanihan To Heal as One Act” and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), the Bank is updating our advisory and re-issuing a FAQ to address your queries on the mandatory grace period extension for your consumer loans falling due from March 16 to May 31, 2020:

Q: Am I qualified to avail of the grace period?

A: Clients with Auto, Housing, Personal, Small Business (Term Loan), mSME loans.

Q: Will this apply only to Luzon-based customers or nationwide?

A: This is being offered nationwide.

Q: What are the available payment options being oered by the bank?

A: The following are your payment options:

Q: Can I request for refund of payment made for amortization falling within ECQ period?

A: Yes, do feel free to contact us via phone or email:

  • Email:
  • Tel. No.: (+632) 8637-CARE (2273)

Q: Will I be charged penalties and returned check fees for post-dated checks (PDC)?

A: Penalties and returned check fees due to the Bank will be waived.

Q: My account is under auto-debit and PDCs, am I also qualified to avail of the loan grace period?

A: Yes. Auto-debits and PDC shall discontinue during the ECQ period.

Q: Do I need to call the Bank to inform which option should I intend to avail?

A: Yes, do contact us via phone or email.

Q: Do I need to sign any document on the changes made?

A: No need to sign any document. RBank will make the necessary adjustments in the system.

Q: What will happen to my post dated checks (PDC) within the ECQ period?

A: We will simply adjust the depositing of the PDC to future due dates. However, you may need to issue another check/s to cover for the interest payment.

Q: Will my loan payment be tripled on the following payment date?

A: For Option 1, yes. It will triple, because payment due during the period covered between March 16 – May 31 will all be due on the billing statement on May 2020.

No if you choose Option 2 or 3. Payment shall include the amortization and interest due.

Q: If I have a past due balance, am I still qualified for the payment extension?

A: No. However, no penalties will be charged during the grace period but additional interest will be collected.

Q: I still won’t be able to settle my dues with the 2-month extension. Is there another payment option that I can avail of?

A: You may send us an email request indicating your payment plan. This will be subject for approval.

Q: I don’t want to avail of the payment extension since I have the funds to settle it. Is it possible to still pay for my loans that are due?

A: Yes, do contact us via phone or email.

Q: I still want to fund my account that is linked to an auto-debit the arrangement, are there other ways for me to do this without going to a Robinsons Bank branch

A: You can transfer funds through RBank’s Online banking system.