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Checkwriter Plus (MC)

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Products and

E2 Banking CMS

Need more channels to make it convenient for your customers? Having a headache reconciling payments collected?
Automate your disbursements. Whether via check or online, there's a Robinsons Bank solution.
Get access to a more automated and streamlined system for timekeeping to payroll management. You and your employees can also gain access to merchants worldwide with Robinson’s Bank Visa Payroll Debit Card

Checkwriter Plus (MC)

  1. What is Checkwriter Plus (MC)?
    Checkwriter Plus (MC) is an online facility to outsource preparation and releasing of manager’s check disbursements using Rbank’s nationwide processing and releasing centers.
  2. How does it work?
    1. Client initiates payment instruction in e2banking.
    2. Rbank processes payment instruction.
    3. Rbank prints and releases checks via branch releasing centers or back to client’s office.
    4. Reports can be generated online.
  3. What are the benefits to client?
    • Streamlines payment process and reduces administrative costs.
    • Reduces errors that are typical in manual handling.
    • Efficient reconciliation and closure of AP through a customized return file.
  4. What are the required documents?
    • CMS Mother Agreement
    • Checkerwriter Plus Addendum
    • E2Banking Addendum