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Direct2Bank PESONet

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E2 Banking CMS

Need more channels to make it convenient for your customers? Having a headache reconciling payments collected?
Automate your disbursements. Whether via check or online, there's a Robinsons Bank solution.
Get access to a more automated and streamlined system for timekeeping to payroll management. You and your employees can also gain access to merchants worldwide with Robinson’s Bank Visa Payroll Debit Card

Direct2Bank PESONet

  1. What is Direct2Bank PESONet?
    Direct2Bank PESONet is an electronic funds transfer service that lets you transfer funds from a Robinsons Bank Peso account to an account in another participating BSP-supervised financial institution.
  2. What can it be used for?
           Direct2Bank PESONet may be used for:
    • Business to consumer payments
    • Business to business payment
  3. How does it work?
    • Client initiates transfer instruction in e2banking via manual file upload.
    • Client authorizes transfer instruction online.
    • Rbank e2banking debits the client account and sends the transfer instruction.
    • Client receivesa daily report to indicate status of each transfer request.
  4. How do we avail?
    Contact our Cash Management team to help you get started at