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e2BANKING Collect

RobinsonsBank e2BANKING Collect is a collection and deposit facility that allows clients to receive payment through RobinsonsBank branches nationwide from their business partners. Payments received shall be deposited to the client’s nominated account.
Post-dated check warehousing
RobinsonsBank e2BANKING Collect shall safe-keep the post-dated checks submitted by the clients at any RobinsonsBank branch nationwide. On its maturity date, the checks shall automatically be deposited to the client’s account before the clearing cut-off. Clients shall be relieved of rushing over RobinsonsBank branch to meet the check cut-off period.
Online Check Inventory
RobinsonsBank e2BANKING Collect lets clients monitor the status of their checks (whether it was successfully presented or returned) via the Internet. A message shall be displayed on screen, indicating the reason for returned checks.
Over-the-counter Collection Service
RobinsonsBank e2BANKING Collect allows business partners to deposit cash or check to the client's nominated account during banking hours. A report shall likewise be sent to the client's email address/es the next banking day.