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Payroll Payout

Products and Services

Products and

E2 Banking CMS

Need more channels to make it convenient for your customers? Having a headache reconciling payments collected?
Automate your disbursements. Whether via check or online, there's a Robinsons Bank solution.
Get access to a more automated and streamlined system for timekeeping to payroll management. You and your employees can also gain access to merchants worldwide with Robinson’s Bank Visa Payroll Debit Card

Payroll Payout

A superior and complete Payroll Payout service from batch account opening to online and real time payroll account crediting.

3 Benefits

  • End to end Payroll Payout Solutions
  • Batch/Bulk account opening for employees
  • Online and real time payroll crediting to employee ATM cards

How it works

  • Client uploads payroll file via e2banking for crediting Employees receives pay in their payroll accounts

Required docs

  • CMS Mother Agreement (if new client)
  • Payroll Payout Addendum
  • E2Banking Enrollment Form