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Payroll Suite

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E2 Banking CMS

Need more channels to make it convenient for your customers? Having a headache reconciling payments collected?
Automate your disbursements. Whether via check or online, there's a Robinsons Bank solution.
Get access to a more automated and streamlined system for timekeeping to payroll management. You and your employees can also gain access to merchants worldwide with Robinson’s Bank Visa Payroll Debit Card

Payroll Suite

Automates and simplifies payroll processing from timekeeping management to payroll management to payroll crediting.

3 Benefits

  • Complete end to end payroll computation functions with comprehensive reports
  • Integration with biometrics to timekeeping system
  • Online, real time payroll crediting to employee ATM cards

How it works

  • Employee Times In/Out
  • Payroll run is initiated in the system
  • Payroll file is generated
  • Payroll file is uploaded in Rbank’s e2Banking for crediting
  • Employee receives pay

Required docs

  • CMS Mother Agreement
  • Payroll Suite Addendum
  • E2Banking Enrollment Form