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l/we hereby confirm that the information herein and the documents l/we have submitted are true and correct, and l/we authorize Robinsons Bank Corporation (the"Bank")to verify and investigate the same from what ever source it may consider appropriate.

l/we understand that my/our falsification of any of the information, including the enclosed/attached documents, if any, is sufficient ground for legal action(s) against me/us and the rejection of my/our loan application. I/we further understand that should my/our loan application be denied, the Bank has no obligation on its part lo furnish me/us with reason for such rejection and/or to return my/our application form and documents.

I/we also confirm that the proceeds of the loan which l/we have applied shall not be used in any speculative, illegal, and/or criminal activity. I/we likewise authorize the Bank to disclose any information relating to the loan granted to me/us to government administrative and regulatory bodies, financial institutions, credit information bureaus and any other organization performing similar functions.

l/we confirm that l/wehavereadand understood the terms and conditions herein provided and that l am/we are entering into this transaction with my/our full consent, and that I am/we are considered indebted to the Bank upon receipt of the loan proceeds.

I/we agree to indemnify and hold the Bank, its directors, officers and employees free of any claims l/we may have against the broker-referror who referred me/us for the Bank's financing.

l/we hereby authorize the Bank to conduct business, deposit, employment verifications, credit checkings, property inspections, and other such related inquiries relative to information indicated in this application.

l/we hereby authorize the Bank to conduct random verification with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to establish the authenticity of my/our Income Tax Return (ITR) and other submitted financial statements and hereby waive the confidentiality of any personal information obtained in the course of verification.

l/we also knowingly acknowledge and expressly authorize the Bank during the effectivity of this Agreement to regularly submit and disclose my/our basic credit data to the Credit information Corporation(ClC) and/or other credit bureau in the Philippines, as well as any updates or correction thereof. Further, l/we also knowingly acknowledge and expressly authorize the Bank and the credit reporting agencies/credit bureau the sharing of my/our basic credit data or any information in relation to my/our credit data among the Banks, other lenders authorized by the ClC, and credit reporting agencies/credit bureau duly accredited by the ClC.

I/we hereby allow and authorize Robinsons Bank, its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents and representatives to offer specially selected products and services to me/us through telephone/mail/e-mail/fax/SMS. I/we signify our interest in receiving invites to the marketing initiatives, campaigns, and programs of the Bank, and its controlling shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, and agents. In this regard, I hereby authorize the Bank to share my/our personal information to its controlling shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, and agents in order to facilitate the sending of invites to me/us. This consent and authorization remains valid, effective, and subsisting until otherwise revoked or cancelled in writing by me/us.