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Secured PLP

Products and Services

Products and

Secured PLP

Cash Never Sparkled like this Before!

INSTANT CASH against gold or diamond jewelry item/s which maybe Elite or High Value to suit customers’ financial needs.

CASH in your precious jewelry at low interest rates with guaranteed confidential & private transaction and electronic appraisal

Flexible terms available in 30, 60, 0r 90 for Elite item/s and 30 days for High Value item/s

Eligible Collateral- Gold or Diamonds

Payment mode via over-the-counter or automatic debit arrangement

Application Requirements

  • - Photocopy of any valid ID
  • - Proof of Income (any of the following)
  • - Income Tax Return with FS
  • - Pay Slips(latest 3 months)
  • - Form 2316 signed by the company/s authorized representative
  • - Certificate of employment
  • - Proof Remittance or pension
  • - Other income proof as may be deemed acceptable by the Bank

Call RobinsonsBank Secured PLP Group at 702-9500 local 376-377 for more information