Mobile Load and Top-Up in RBank Digital

Conveniently reload your prepaid sim or prepaid electric service in just an instant through RBank Digital

Mobile Load and Top-Up Features

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Regular Prepaid Load

Top-up your prepaid sim with regular load credits

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Register for Unlimited Calls and Texts promos

Register for unlimited promos offered by your mobile network provider conveniently

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Subscribe to Mobile Data Promos

Subscribe for a variety of mobile prepaid data plans and promos for social media and gaming apps

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Regular Kuryente Load (KLoad)

Recharge your Meralco Prepaid service with Kuryente Load

Telecom Service Providers

How to Buy Load in RBank Digital

Step 1: Click Payment
Step 2: Click Make a New Payment
Step 3: Select the Account to Pay From and the Mobile Network
Step 4: Select the desired Load Variant
Step 5: Enter the Mobile Number and Click Next
Step 6: Review the Summary Page and Click Confirm
Step 7: Transaction Successful Page

Frequently Asked Questions