Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions which shall govern the Client’s use of the Robinsons Bank Corporation’s corporate online portal known as “RBiz Digital Corporate” or the “Facility”. The Client’s access and use of the Facility shall signify its acceptance to be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein.

The Terms and Conditions herein are in addition to the Terms and Conditions For Opening Of Account / Placement / Investment   and/or other rules that may apply to the Client’s Account with the Bank (Account Agreement). In case of conflict between the Terms and Conditions and any terms of any applicable Account Agreement and/or other rules that may apply to the Client’s Account(s), the provisions of this Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

By signing this form, the Client hereby certifies that the information provided herein are true, accurate, and complete.  The Client agrees to notify the Bank should there be any changes in the information declared in this form.

Basic Online Services

Account Access

  • Only Peso Current and Savings Accounts (PHP CASA), and Dollar Savings Accounts (USD CASA), herewith referred as “Accounts”, may be enrolled to the Facility. However, the Bank shall notify the Client from time to time of any additional type of Account that may be included.
  • Simultaneously in making a deposit with the Bank, the Client agrees to enroll opened Account/s to the Facility, which will initially enable the Client to view and monitor account balances and transaction history, generate standard statements of accounts, and/or facilitate fund transfers within own pre-enrolled accounts. Access to other functionalities within the Facility listed herein may require additional documentary requirements and commercial terms as deemed necessary by the Bank.
  • The Facility can be accessed through https://rbizdigital.com.ph/ from any approved web browser available and through the use of internet-enabled devices twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week, except during system downtimes due to system maintenance, telecommunication, electrical network failure, or other causes beyond the control of the Bank. The Client may log in to the Facility via individual user credentials and such other security measures as may be implemented in order to control fraud, identity theft and other similar risks, as well as navigate through it with the aid of user trainings and manuals; all of which are to be provided by the Bank.
  • The Bank may suspend access to the Facility in the event the Client’s account in the Facility has been inactive or dormant. INACTIVITY of an account and user access in the Facility constitutes non-activity for a period of at least six (6) months, but not exceeding twelve (12) months. Non-activity on account and user level in the Facility for more than twelve (12) months will then be considered as DORMANT.

Account and User Access Management and Security

  • The Client is fully aware of its roles and responsibilities in ensuring the security of account and user access in the Facility and agrees not to let any unauthorized personnel gain access to its credentials, which may enable them to illicitly log on and transact.
  • It is mutually agreed by the Bank and the Client that all log in credentials individually provided are known ONLY to the authorized users nominated by the Client through the use of the RBiz Digital Corporate User Enrollment Form. As such, the Client assumes full responsibility for all the transactions performed within its corporate profile in the Facility through the use of the log in credentials of its nominated authorized users.  The Bank shall not be held liable for acting in accordance with or based on the service requests and/or instructions through the Client’s corporate profile in the Facility, which is presumed to have emanated from the Client unless proven perpetuated by the Bank.
  • The Client further agrees to change its password upon first use and from time to time as deemed necessary, and should this password be compromised, the Client shall immediately change it through the Facility. The Client also understands that three (3) failed log in attempts will disable the user’s User ID, and a request must be made to the Bank to have it enabled.

RBiz Digital Corporate Basic Account Services

  • Balance Reporting /Account Balance Inquiry Facility
    • Definition of Terminologies:
      • Ledger Balance – total balance that reflects all types of online and business center transactions
      • Available Balance – total balance that reflects all types of online and business center transactions exclusive of uncleared check deposits
      • Online Transaction – all transaction executed through the Facility
      • On-site Transaction – all transaction originated from your enrolled Account executed through Robinsons Bank Business Centers
    • Using the Balance Reporting / Account Balance Inquiry
      • The Client can start accessing the Ledger and Available Balance and its corresponding transaction for each Account from the time of enrollment.
      • The Client can access the previous day Ledger and Available Balance and its corresponding transaction for each Account at the time and date of inquiry.
      • The Client can download a copy of its statement through the Facility
      • The Client can only view the last three (3) months of Ledger and Available Balance and its corresponding transaction for each Account from the current date.
      • The Client may experience some delay in viewing the Ledger and Available balance for online and on-site transactions made during the day.
  • Fund Transfer / Payment Instruction Request (PIR) Facility
    • Definition of Terminologies:
      • Activation Date/Instrument Date – refers to date wherein the fund transfer or payment instruction request shall be effected
    • Using the Fund Transfer or PIR facility:
      • The Client can initiate fund transfer or payment instruction request from the enrolled Account/s to other Robinsons Bank savings or current Account/s.
      • The Client can initiate fund transfer or payment instruction request to either enrolled or ad-hoc beneficiary account/s.
      • The Client can only initiate fund transfer or payment instruction request within the limits specified in the RBiz Digital Corporate Enrollment Form.
      • The Client can only initiate fund transfer or payment instruction request with activation date that is greater than (future-dated) or equal to (current-dated) the system date.
      • In case of future dated fund transfer/s or payment instruction request/s, the Bank will execute the fund transfer or payment instruction request only on activation date provided that there is sufficient fund from the account to be debited.
      • The Client, through the enrolled users, can initiate manual fund transfer/s or payment instruction request/s, or initiate an upload of fund transfer/s or payment instruction request/s, which is subject to the acceptance of the enrolled users.
      • In case the fund transfer or payment instruction request does not pass the Facility validation successfully, the transaction will appear in the Payment Rejected Instruction menu with the corresponding reason. The Client can rectify the error by entering additional information required to continue processing. However, if the additional information cannot be provided, then the Client can mark the specific transaction as scrapped.
      • The Client has the option to Hold or Release a fund transfer/s or payment instruction request/s that was initiated by authorized users through Facility.
      • The Client can mark fund transfer/s or payment instruction request/s on Hold or Release only after it has been authorized by the authorized user. If an instruction/s was marked as Hold and the instruction was thereafter sent to the Bank for crediting, the marked instruction/s will be scrapped while the unmarked instructions shall be processed by the Bank accordingly.
      • The Client can inquire the status of the fund transfer or payment instruction request, whether it was successfully liquidated or rejected, through the list of status message that the Bank has provided.
      • Fund transfers or payment instruction requests completed within the specified processing schedule shall be reflected on the Account on the same day.
      • The Bank shall not be responsible for any charges imposed to the Client or other action taken against the Client by a payee arising from non-processing of the instruction due to any of the following reasons/conditions:
        • Incorrect Account Information but not limited to Account Number, Account Name, and the Payment Amount.
        • Insufficient funds
        • Closed Account, Hold Account or Dormant Accounts
        • A court order or competent authority prohibits the account from being involved in a financial transaction
        • Circumstances beyond the Bank reasonable control (such as fire, flood or improper transmission or handling of payments by a third party) to prevent the completion of the transaction, despite reasonable precautions taken by the Bank.
      • The Bank shall be under no obligation or liability to proceed with any fund transfer or payment instruction unless and until the Account has sufficient funds. Only cleared and withdrawable balances shall be considered for financial transactions.

Client Warranties

  • The Client certifies that it has taken all the appropriate and necessary corporate and legal action to get the authority to execute and deliver this document. It shall furnish the Bank a Secretary’s Certificate stating the relevant resolutions authorizing the acquisition of the services herein and specifying appropriate signatories.
  • The Client shall solely be responsible for the authenticity and accuracy, both in content and form, of all instructions properly received by the Bank, including losses and damages arising from fraudulent/fictitious bank accounts and users being enrolled in the Facility. In the event there is an erroneous crediting of funds to the Account(s) of the Client for any cause whatsoever, the Client hereby grants consent to the Bank to reverse and correct the erroneous crediting by crediting or debiting the Client’s Account(s) without the Bank incurring any liability by reason thereof.
  • The Client acknowledges that data may be inaccurate, may be periodically updated, and may not have been reviewed by the Bank and thus, the Bank will be under no obligation to assure its accuracy and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from it. Further, the Bank shall have no liability for the receipt or viewing by any party of the data sent to the destinations determined by the Client; including but not limited to email addresses, fax and telephone/mobile number(s).
  • The Client recognizes and hereby commits to regularly monitor its account(s) using the Facility, which shall contain the updated and most accurate information in relation to account(s) enrolled. Should the Client determine any discrepancies against its passbook and/or any bank statement, the Client is hereby obligated to report these to the Bank through its dedicated customer service hotline for cash management Clients (cmscare@robinsonsbank.com.ph; (02) 8702-9500 locals 48648, 48650, and 48642.
  • The Client hereby agrees that for any discrepancies that may be noted between the Bank’s records as reflected in the Facility and the passbooks or any documents, the Bank’s records will prevail unless sufficient evidence to the contrary has been presented and determined valid.

Consumer Awareness Program

(In compliance with BSP Circular 808 / MORB x705.3)

  • Transact Only through Secure Websites:
    • The Client shall carefully review the privacy and security statements of the web sites on which it transacts business.
    • In compliance with BSP Circular 808 / MORB x705.3, the Client agrees to review the privacy and security statements of the Robinsons Bank websites on which it conduct/transact business. If the Client suspect a website is not what it purports to be, the Client understands and agrees to immediately leave the site and not to follow any of the instructions the site may present. To visit Robinsons Bank website, type the URL (Universal Resource Locator) directly onto browser or use personal bookmark. For Robinsons Bank, the URL is robinsonsbank.com.ph. For the Facility, the URL is https://rbizdigital.com.ph/. Please contact the Bank’s dedicated customer service hotline for cash management Clients (cmscare@robinsonsbank.com.ph; (02) 8702-9500 locals 48648, 48650, and 48642for any concern.

Data Privacy

  • By applying for or using the Facility, the Client acknowledges and accepts that: (a) the Bank may use, collect and process technical data and related information that identifies the Client’s mobile device, including but not limited to the Client’s mobile unique device ID, operating system, application software, and peripheral hardware; (b) the Bank collects, uses and processes the Client’s personal data/information in relation to the services and facilities; (c) there is disclosure of the Client’s personal, sensitive personal, and financial information (hereafter, the “Disclosed Information”) to the Bank’s affiliates or such other third party or their sub-processors exclusively for the purpose of providing and facilitating the Bank’s services under the Facility, including its annexure/s, in accordance with these terms and conditions and, in the case of individual customers, the Bank’s Privacy Consent and Notice (PCN). Such disclosure and use of information may be necessary or inevitable for the purposes of giving effect to any Electronic Instruction from the Client and/or facilitate or enable the Client’s use of the Facility.  Failure to allow such disclosure, access to or use of the Client’s Information may result in the Bank’s inability to offer or continue to offer the Facility herein.
  • In the event that the Client provides personal, sensitive personal and financial information, relating to third parties, the Client: (a) confirms that it has obtained their consent or are otherwise entitled to provide this information to the Bank and for the Bank to use it in accordance with the Client’s specified transaction/s with the Bank; (b) agrees to ensure that the personal, sensitive personal and financial information of the said third parties is accurate; and (c) agrees to update the Bank in writing in the event or any material change to the said personal, sensitive personal and financial information.

Other Warranties

  • The Client’s enrollment in the Facility shall be effective upon receipt of the Bank’s confirmation of the activation of the Client’s Account(s), and shall remain in full force and effect until the Bank receives written notice of its termination. The Bank may, however, at any time, terminate this arrangement without prior written notice of termination.
    • The BANK may not process the CLIENT’s instruction if: (i) the BANK considers it to be as unclear, conflicting, incorrect, incomplete, unauthorized, or would breach the law, regulations or the BANK’s operating procedures (“Affected Instruction”); (ii) the established security procedures (if any is appropriate) appear to have been breached or cannot be executed, including instances due to the CLIENT’s failure to submit to the BANK pertinent documentary requirements to implement and/or update the Facility(ies) within the  period provided by the BANK; (iii) have a valid reason for doing so; or (iv) processing it may result in an unauthorized transaction. Where a duplicate instruction is given, the BANK may choose which instruction to process. If the BANK cannot process your Instruction, it will notify the CLIENT as soon as it can. The BANK will try to stop or cancel a transaction when the CLIENT asks the BANK to but the BANK will not be responsible if for any reason whatsoever cannot do so anymore.
    • The Bank may modify, amend, or revise the terms and conditions applicable to any of the services provided through the Facility from time to time upon mailing, e-mailing, or delivering a notice of the modifications, amendments, or revised terms and conditions at the address shown on the Client’s account records and the revised terms and conditions shall correspondingly be effective. Continued use of the Facility thereafter will constitute acceptance of the modifications and revised agreement. The Bank may send any notice to the Client, including, but not limited to, notifications of modifications via electronic mail.

The Client hereby acknowledges to have read and fully understood these general terms and conditions and agrees to be governed by them.