Start the New Year, with the right investment for you

The New Year always inspires many Filipinos to become better versions of themselves especially on being more financially independent. This 2022, welcome the “New You” with the right UITF investment that will help you reach your goals!

Robinsons Bank continues to offer the easiest and most affordable investment product in the market! You can start investing for as low as Php 1,000.

You can choose from three (3) newly launched UITF products that will fit any type of investor and risk appetite: 1) Payday Money Market Fund; 2) Equity Index Feeder Fund; and 3) Equity Opportunity Feeder Fund.

No experience? No problem! RBank’s Trust professionals will manage your investments so you can sit back, relax, and maximize your money’s earning potential


Payday Money Market Fund: Say #YEStoPaydayInvesting!

The Robinsons Bank Payday Money Market Fund is a short-term pooled fund that is perfect for first-timers. With this fund, your money will have the potential to earn from investments in bank deposits, government-issued securities. You also have the option to regularly invest in this UITF product every payday (15th and 30th). If you have a conservative risk appetite, this may be the UITF product for you.


Equity Index Feeder Fund: Invest in the PSEi

If you want to explore other investment products and thought of experiencing Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi), then the Equity Index Feeder Fund may be suited for you! In this fund, your money can earn by investing in the Top 30 publicly-listed companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi). This UITF also aims to generate returns that will replicate the total performance of these companies.

However, since this fund has relatively higher returns, it is also high-risk and suited for aggressive investors.


Equity Opportunity Feeder Fund: Get potentially higher returns!

Last but not the least, maximize your fund’s earning potential by investing in emerging small to mid-sized companies listed in the Morgan Stanley Composite Index (MSCi) through the Equity Opportunity Feeder Fund. This fund aims to have better or higher returns than the MSCi. With higher returns, comes a higher-risk that’s suited for investors with an aggressive risk appetite.

Your Php 1,000 can go a long way by investing in Robinsons Bank’s UITF products. However, to get the best results, always invest in long-term. Ready to start your investment journey? Send an email to or call (02)8702-9546; (02) 8702 -9500 loc 48746, 48744. For more information, please visit


The Unit Investment Trust Fund is not a deposit and is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). The returns cannot be guaranteed and historical NAVPU is for illustration of NAVPU movements/ fluctuations only. When redeeming, the proceeds may be less than the original investment and any losses will be solely for the account of the client. The trustee is not liable for any loss unless upon willful default, bad faith, or gross negligence.

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