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Personal Loans

Products and Services

Products and

Salary Loan Program is a multipurpose personal loan facility for employees of accredited companies. It is collateral free loan with easy payment terms through salary deduction.


  • Minimum of 50 regular employees
  • Operating for at least 3 years
  • Positive financial performance
Documentary Requirements


  • Company Accreditation Form
  • General Information Sheet  
  • Company Profile
  • SEC registration, by laws and Articles of incorporation
  • Audited Financial statement for the past 3 years with ITR


  • Notarized MOA
  • Notarized Board resolution / Secretary’s Certificate
  • Notice of Approval
  • IDs of signatories

How to Get Accredited?

Get in touch with Robinsonsbank
Submit the required documents
Processing of accreditation
MOA Signing