RBank’s new UITFs investment products as low as P1,000

For as low as Php 1,000, you can enjoy the benefits of diversifying your funds. Check the investments that suits you!

Start your investment journey with us!

Payday Money Market Fund

A short-term pooled fund that is invested mainly in fixed-income securities such as bank deposits andgovernment-issued securities.

The fund lets you maximize the earning potential of your hard-earned money by investing in low-risk investment assets.

This also aims to generate returns equal or better than the Bloomberg Average 30-day Special Savings Account Rate, net of withholding tax.

This fund is best suited for investors who:

  • Have minimal experience in investments
  • Want to let their funds earn higher than traditional savings account
  • Want to diversify their funds by investing in BSP-approved fixed-income securities
  • Have conservative risk appetite

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Equity Index Feeder Fund

The Robinsons Bank Equity Index Feeder Fund lets you invest your money in a fund that will track the performance of the Top 30 publicly listed companies in the Philippines Stock Exchange Index (PSEi). It also aims to generate returns that will replicate the total performance of these companies.

This fund is best suited investors who:

  • Have a good understanding of the equities market
  • Are looking for returns higher than traditional trust products
  • Have an aggressive risk profile

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Equity Opportunity Feeder Fund

The Robinsons Bank Equity Opportunity Feeder Fund aims to generate high returns by investing in small to-mid sized emerging companies listed in the Morgan Stanley Composite index (MSCi). It also targets to replicate or have better returns than the MSCi.

This fund is best suited for investors who:

  • Investors looking for a portfolio consisting of small to mid-sized companies with a potential to grow
  • Have an aggressive risk profile

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To check the other RBank Trust and Investment products, please visit https://www.robinsonsbank.com.ph/investments/trust-and-investments/

If you are interested, you may visit any RBank Branch to open a UITF now.

You may also call (02)8702 – 9546 / 8702 – 9500 loc 48744 / 8702 – 9500 loc 48746 or email TrustGroup@robinsonsbank.com.ph

* The Unit Investment Trust Fund is not a deposit and is not insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC).

* The returns cannot be guaranteed and historical NAVPU us for illustration of NAVPU movements/ fluctuations only. When redeeming, the proceeds may be less than the original investment and any losses will be solely for the account of the client. The trustee is not liable for any loss unless upon willful default, bad faith, or gross negligence.